An Introduction to Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are highly versatile, durable, and strong. Their rustic, warm look adds value to your property, and a wide range of colors makes them very versatile. Popular colors include varying shades of: earthy brown, rusty orange, bone, cream, yellow, and beige. Brick pavers come in many standard shapes which allow you to create many fantastic laying patterns.

Brick pavers are manmade from cement, sand, fine aggregates, and water. They are fired in a kiln at very high temperatures which produce a solid product. They stand up to heavy traffic, are easy to maintain and clean, and look inviting.

Brick Paver Applications

Here are some of the most popular applications for brick pavers.


Driveways are high-traffic areas for both cars and foot traffic. It’s also an area that is faced with a lot of dirt and grime including oil, gas, food stains, and outside debris. This is why the choice of material is important; this is also why brick pavers are an ideal choice for driveways.

  • Brick pavers are able to withstand the weight loads and heavy traffic.
  • They are easy to clean.

Adding paver lights along your brick paver driveway is an elegant but functional touch, since both safety and aesthetics are also big concerns.

Pool Surrounds

The area surrounding your pool is a great place to make a statement with your choice of pavers. Safety is also of the utmost concern. You need a material that is slip-resistant, strong, and can stand up to lots of water.

Brick pavers are a great choice because they can stand up to the moisture and stay durable. The color is also resistant to fading — an important option since they’ll be exposed to lots of water and sun. Brick pavers can be smoothed and laid out in a myriad of patterns, making it a smart and bold choice for your pool area.


Brick pavers should be your number one choice for your patio flooring. They will not be scratched by your patio furniture, and food stains can be easily removed with simple cleaning.

Patios are also smaller areas. With the proper layout, you can make your patio look bigger than it actually is. And, with the many different colors available, it’s easy to find a shade to complement your existing color scheme.

Sidewalks & Walkways

Brick pavers are gracious to walk on and add warmth to any area. They last a lifetime and stand up to heavy foot traffic. And with the many different sizes, styles, and colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

They are the perfect application for many areas of your residential or commercial property. Let’s discuss the possibilities!

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