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Backyard Landscape Redesign in Oregon

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Backyard Landscape Redesign in Oregon

backyard landscape

Here’s a little story coming out of Eugene, Oregon. It’s a great example of how the right motivation, and the right pavers, can transform a backyard into an important space for those who use it.

Thanks to a group of University of Oregon architecture students, the backyard landscape of an Oregon nonprofit has a whole new look. The students saw that the outdoor space at Sexual Assault Support Services, or SASS, of Lane County was under-used. That’s why UO architecture students teamed up to revamp the backyard landscape.

Students replaced the porch with a new deck, built a ramp and paved patio, and added plants to the space.

“We always sit in a studio and design things as architecture students, but to actually take it to the level of something that can be built — and build it with our own hands — is just amazing,” said project co-manager Christopher Deel.

“Having a spot where we are going to have folks be able to come out and decompress, take a moment on these beautiful benches we have, I think that’s one of the things I’ve heard the most from staff,” said SASS self defense program coordinator Elly Maloney.

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This nonprofit is offering support to victims, and if that support comes in the form of a place to contemplate in peace, then this backyard landscape redesign amounts to something immensely valuable. There’s no backyard that some love and pavers can’t fix!