Best Outdoor Rooms For Entertaining

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Many of us will, at some point, find ourselves planning and daydreaming of ways to enhance or refresh our outdoor living spaces. You do not need a spacious yard in order to have an inviting outdoor living area. Even if all you have is a narrow side yard or a postage-stamp sized back yard, with the addition of decking and patio areas, your yard can be turned into a welcoming retreat for quiet relaxation as well as an entertainment focal point.

Defining the areas can be as simple as creating meandering walkways to different seating arrangements. Plants and flowers add warmth, comfort and a sense of life to your outdoor areas, turning a bare yard into an intimate, romantic courtyard. Try creating one of these inviting outdoor rooms to expand your indoor/outdoor living space:

A relaxing sun porch
If space is at a premium, consider turning your sun porch into an extended living room. With the addition of an adjacent deck or patio, you will get the best of both worlds: all of the comfort of being indoors with the feeling of being outside. Sunny wicker furniture with bright floral cushions will enhance the garden-effect.

Garden gazebo
Installing a gazebo in the furthermost corner of your yard gives you a place to lounge, sip tea or read a book, while also serving as extra seating for backyard parties. Expand the space around the gazebo with extra decking and place some comfortable rattan chairs and side tables out for convenient snacking.

An ocean view
There is nothing like an ocean-side escape to relax, but having a beautiful patio or deck to enjoy the view enhances the experience. Decking gives you a place to dry off, kick the sand off your feet and take in the scenery. Careful umbrella placement will keep you out of the heat, without blocking your view of the ocean. Wooden chests will hide clean towels, while doing double-duty as coffee tables.

A living room outdoors
Invite guests over to sip iced tea in your casual outdoor living space. With the addition of a grass or jute outdoor carpet to anchor the space, a comfortable arrangement of chairs and a sofa, and comfy pillows to encourage lounging, any backyard patio can be transformed into an extended entertaining area. A fire pit in this outdoor retreat will lend ambiance, while also allowing outdoor cooking over an open fire.

Upgrading your outdoor living area should be rewarding and painless. See what some of our satisfied clients have said about us.

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