Bricks Get a Makeover | New Uses for Old Things

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Upcycling is giving new meaning to old objects. Now old bricks and pavers can be repurposed and made into planters, candles, name plates, and sandwich presses!


1. Stack red bricks vertically to make a beautiful planter with succulents. Live in an urban city? No problem! Bricks are optimal for small places.

bricks bricks

2. Get creative with table settings and spruce them up with numbers and names! Add color and designs to old bricks to make each one unique.


3. Rustic bricks make the perfect vessel for tea light candles and small plants. Use these for centerpieces or decorate your pathway.


4. Who doesn’t love a good, pressed sandwich? Cover old bricks in aluminum foil and lay them on top of your sandwich for a delicious treat!

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