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Celebrity Houses with Amazing Paved Areas

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Celebrity Houses with Amazing Paved Areas


bieberNobody does luxury like celebrities! This includes big houses and lush use of pavers.

Forbes has released the Celebrity 100 that lists the richest and most powerful personalities working in television, movies, music, sports, and media. They come up with the list like this:

With most of our lists we keep it strictly on the money: earnings or net worth. The Celebrity 100 is a little different. This list–which includes film and television actors, TV personalities, models, athletes, authors, musicians and comedians–is based on money and fame. We define fame as media visibility in print, television, radio and online, plus social media power, which we measure by looking at each celebrity’s presence on Facebook and Twitter. The earnings consist of pretax income between May 1, 2011, and May 1, 2012. Management, agent and attorney fees are not deducted.

Here are some of the amazing houses — complete with amazing pavers, of course — of some of the listees.


#6 Britney Spears

She rented Chateau Suenos, an estate in Calabasas, CA for a while.




#28 Ryan Seacrest

 He’s buying Ellen DeGeneres’ Beverly Hills compound and selling the Hollywood Hills Mediterranean mansion that he bought from Kevin Costner.

celebrity 100


#51 Ashton Kutcher

His L.A. home is incorporates luxurious natural stone and infinity pools. Looks so peaceful, doesn’t it?



#3 Justin Bieber

We love how these brick-colored pavers are bursting with energy.



#2 Oprah Winfrey

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