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Outdoor Lounge Beds

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Outdoor Lounge Beds

outdoor lounge bedAn exciting new trend in home decoration is outdoor furniture. The outdoor lounge bed is often found in high-end resorts and spas but have made their way to homeowners wanting to create a relaxing, trendy atmosphere for their elegant backyards and decks. They also have a practical side by providing comfy, additional seating for guests and family.

What Exactly is an Outdoor Lounge Bed?

Imagine a four-poster bed with a canopy made of weather-resistant material. That’s the gist of an outdoor lounge bed.

You might also hear them called outside honeymoon bed or maybe just an outdoor bed. Outdoor lounge beds come in many styles and are designed for beauty durability. Some of the outstanding features that make the outdoor lounge bed a great addition to any designer backyard:

  • Available in many styles to fit any outdoor decor
  • Specifically for outdoor use and functionality
  • Comes in many UV, color fade-resistant, and salt-resistant materials
  • Can be made sheer or sheltered with privacy curtains or curtain panels
  • Many have removable or adjustable canopies
  • Open to the stars and sky above, if you’d like

Outdoor lounge beds also come in a variety of materials so you can natural or synthetic frames, for example. Some companies offer frames made from a long-lasting plastic polymer that has the look of naturall wood, but which resists rotting and can withstand wet climates. Perfect for Florida!

Outdoor lounges That Fit Decor and Backyard Design

Whatever your outdoor decor or style, outdoor lounges add a South-Florida feel to the design you have created. Lounge beds come in many styles:

  • Rustic
  • Mediterranean
  • Island
  • Romantic
  • Contemporary

Designs can be simple or quite elaborate. They all add a level of outdoor comfort and practicality. With our demanding jobs, it’s important to bring closer the things we find relaxing and rejuvenating. Creating a beautiful backyard  atmosphere is a good, healthy way to relieve stress and create a place to get away.

Call us if you need help with the design, layout, or building of any elements in your backyard! PUP.