Driveway Pavers: Mortared? Mortar-less?

driveway paversAs more and more homeowners grow tired of looking at their ugly, stained, or cracked driveways — whether they are made of concrete, dirt, or asphalt — they are turning to beautiful, durable, and maintenance-free driveway pavers.

A well-chosen and properly installed driveway can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, create opportunities for landscaping focal points, and significantly increase the value of your property.

Mortar-less Vs. Mortared Driveway Pavers

You have a choice of two types of driveway pavers: mortared and mortar-less. Mortared pavers have mortar between the pavers and thus create a hardened, non-flexible surface. This type of surface is prone to cracking and makes replacing a section or a paver more difficult.

Mortar-less pavers are the preferred method. Instead of mortar, a special mixture of sand is used to make a very solid but flexible driveway surface. And if a paver ever breaks or cracks, replacing it is a lot easier on you and your wallet.

Get the Highest-Quality Pavers and Installation

Not all driveway pavers are created equally.

For more information on driveway paver installation, click here.

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