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Green Driveway: Environmentally Sensible and So Beautiful!

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Green Driveway: Environmentally Sensible and So Beautiful!

green driveway

green driveway

There’s no reason why the look of that beautiful lawn of yours can’t be extended toward your driveway. Have you considered a green driveway?

We can help with installing your green driveway on your residential property! You can transform your traditionally paved driveways and walking paths into natural, relaxing, and inviting areas.

Green driveways use honeycomb-style molded pavers, with grass growing in the holes. What you get is something beautiful and practical at the same time.

  • They are designed to withstand the weight of cars and heavy foot traffic.
  • They keep your driveway cool instead of absorbing heat (something we LOVE to hear in Florida!)
  • They are useful for creating additional parking spaces at a residence.
  • Vehicles driving and parking in the area do not affect the protected roots of the grass.

Most grass grids are made with 100 % recycled plastic materials and can be installed even on an uneven surface. The honeycomb pattern will disappear as the grass grows over it.

Green Driveway — The Benefits of Filtration

The grass grid that goes into building your green driveway does wonders for the beauty of your home, but it also provides environmental protection around your driveway area.

  1. Ground Stabilization. Grass & turf pavers are a great resource against erosion
  2. Drainage. Grass and turn pavers direct storm water back into the ground instead into waterways.
  3. Storm and flood buffer. Grass grids help in areas that are prone to flooding, storming, or snowing. They’ll keep visible water from overflow to a minimum.

Where water can erode and compact the soil (like in Florida during hurricane season), a green driveway can protect against an unstable ground surface.

Easy Breezy Green Driveway Care

Maintenance is a breeze! You just water and mow it like it’s an extension of your lawn. The green driveway is a nice addition that doesn’t harm the rest of your lawn.

Any potholes that arise can be repaired immediately by replacing a new paving system.

The end result is an attractive, grass-covered section for parking or walking.