How To Optimize A Small Outdoor Living Space

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Comfortable outdoor living spaces don’t need to be big to be welcoming. Even the smallest area tucked into a corner can become a treasured retreat for reading a book or newspaper while sipping tea. When designed properly, any tiny outdoor entertaining area complete with a patio or deck can quickly become the most important outside “room” of your home.

Small outdoor living spaces do present design challenges, but when properly arranged and decorated, they pack a cozy, intimate entertaining punch. When planning for your small-sized outdoor recreation area, keep these key elements in mind:

Make Every Inch Count

Small spaces always need more storage. This can be remedied by incorporating space-saving ideas such as benches and furniture featuring under-seat storage. Make every element serve double-duty. For example, a screen behind a fountain or waterfall will add privacy as well as a place to grow plants or hang birdfeeders.

  • Keep scale in mind when incorporating outdoor features and furniture.
  • Ensure that your plantings are appropriate for the size of your area. Train climbing plants up trellises to create privacy while freeing up more patio space.
  • Keep clutter to a minimum. Ensure everything has its proper place.

Maximize the Utility of the Space

  • When possible, create vertical space.
  • Hang rarely used items up and out of the way.
  • Choose outdoor furniture that is portable and easy-to-move, to create different seating arrangements when needed.
  • Use any walls and vertical surfaces to install light fixtures, shelving, storage and hanging plants.

Keep It Simple

Pick a general theme and stick with it. Cluttered, jumbled décor makes spaces seem smaller. Use color carefully. If you have brightly colored blossoms surrounding your patio, hold back on busy upholstery furnishings. Avoid busy fabric patterns and décor overcrowding.

  • Choose a few ‘must-have’ basics and build your outdoor living space around those features.
  • Use outdoor carpeting in neutral tones to define different patio ‘rooms’.

Satisfy All Your Senses

  • Glass tables make spaces feel less cramped.
  • Include a water feature. Even if you only have space for a tabletop fountain, the cheerful splashing will make the space feel special and provide visual interest.
  • Consider adding a design element to your patio pavers. An interesting pattern underfoot adds appeal.
  • Plant highly scented blooms such as sweet-smelling roses or honeysuckle.
  • Install solar lighting to provide safety, while creating ambience, allowing your space to be enjoyed after dark.

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