How To Upgrade Your Deck And Patio


Patio and deck upgrades make it easy to enjoy entertaining throughout the summer into fall. Before considering upgrading your deck or patio, make sure you have a solid foundation and good bones. If your patio pavers are uneven or dirty, or if your decking is grimy, it will need to be repaired before you begin thinking about enhancing your outdoor living spaces. Setting a specific time of the year to carry out seasonal maintenance, such as paver leveling or deck re-staining will help it stand up better to the elements. Once you have the basic foundation in good condition, create outdoor zones for specific activities — lounging, dining or grilling. Consider bringing other household amenities to your outdoor living spaces. Consider some of these creative ideas:

Upgrading Your Patios & Decks

Built-in Benches
They offer seating, and storage for outdoor toys, games and towels. Make your benches more comfortable by topping with brightly colored cushions upholstered in sun-friendly fabrics, and toss some throw pillows on for visual interest.

Railings & Gates
Railings and gates make your patios and decks safer and cozier. The gates keep little ones or pets where they belong, and the railings provide a place for bird feeders, birdbaths and other outdoor accessories. A railing with a ledge serves double-duty as a place to set drinks, or candles. Make a statement with ornamental ball tops and spindles.

Extending Your Outdoor Living Space

Weatherproof Outdoor Sound System
If you want to enjoy your backyard paradise while listening to cool jazz, a weatherproof outdoor sound system is the perfect solution. Whether playing easy listening or party-friendly tunes, outdoor speakers will keep your guests and family enjoying the outdoors.

Hot Tub
Bring the bathtub out. A hot tub will transform your deck into a relaxing oasis family and friends will appreciate. For more romantic times, screen the hot tub with lattice or tall plantings.

Outdoor Kitchen
What better way to get the kids and family into the back yard than installing an outdoor kitchen? Creating an outdoor kitchen, complete with a sink, grill, and under-counter refrigerator is the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. For more fun, consider adding a tiki bar or wine cooler.

Solar Lighting
Solar lighting is the perfect solution to create ambience and invite your friends and dinner guests to linger well into the night. They also provide an added safety measure. Add paver lighting to reduce accidents after the sun goes down.

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