Interlocking Stone Pavers Provide Curb Appeal

Interlocking stone pavers provide great curb appeal for in front of the house while adding charm and elegance around the house! These are areas that might otherwise be left dull and unattractive by rivals like concrete and asphalt.

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What are the advantages of using interlocking stone pavers over concrete paving?

Concrete paving has traditionally been one of the more common paving materials due to its low initial cost. However, concrete slab will eventually crack and need to be replaced. This leads to a higher cost in the long run. Interlocking stone pavers will not crack like concrete paving. Our manufacturers make stone pavers colored with a variety of oxides which reduce fading and keep the surface looking pristine. This is approximately 3-4 times stronger than concrete and approximately 10 times the strength of asphalt.

Stone paving has become a popular alternative to having vast areas of grass lawns. Stone pavers are fast becoming the architect’s choice for commercial and residential projects. Because of their low maintenance requirements with minimal upkeep, they are the perfect solution. Experts in the business say the market is experiencing extremely rapid growth and is poised to continue growing as the benefits of stone pavers become more well known.

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