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Living Outdoors: Make Your Backyard More Liveable

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Living Outdoors: Make Your Backyard More Liveable


living outdoorsLiving outdoors is the life! Having a space that can be used for relaxing, for entertaining, or for whatever you’re into makes it all worth living, doesn’t it? Make the most of what you have got — plan carefully and enjoy what you come up with.

A garden in the backyard is a place where children play, families eat, friends are entertained, and all types of hobbies are pursued. To have the best outdoor living area, you must first consider your lifestyle, and then what you want to do in the garden.

Make Your Garden More Liveable!

Try to keep your living, play, and entertainment areas away from work and storage areas.

  1. Keep rubbish and compost areas away from bbq and eating areas.
  2. Keep still water away from outdoor entertainment areas (these can be bug breeding areas).
  3. Plant mints and tansy near outdoor living areas to help repel insects.
  4. When you build anything with bolts or nails, make sure no bolts or nails are left protruding.
  5. Put metal furniture (or play equipment) in shaded places where it won’t get too hot and scald the children.
  6. In hot climates — like ours in Florida — check out where cooling winds come from (usually off the water in seaside areas), and leave openings in the garden to catch these winds. Don’t build walls or plant hedges where they will stop a cool breeze.
  7. Provide shaded places so you can escape the sun.
  8. Avoid using poisonous plants.
  9. Avoid creating slippery surfaces. Brick pavers are a great choice for outdoors.


Whatever your garden, large, small or even a terrace, you can make the most of your space. A few small changes can make your backyard safer, more usable, and comfortable. Love your outdoor space.