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Outdoor Kitchen Design: Beauty and Function

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Outdoor Kitchen Design: Beauty and Function

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Outdoor kitchen design as part of landscape design is an increasingly popular trend in garden planning.

Modern outdoor design takes the elegant style of your interior living space and continues it into the yard, creating the same functional living space on the outside. Because the kitchen is an integral part of entertaining at home, many people prefer an outdoor kitchen. In cooler climates, it may be a ‘Summer Kitchen’ for convenient cooking and dining in the beautiful outdoors.

Designing an outdoor kitchen requires careful planning. Today’s kitchens are much more elaborate than the traditional outdoor grill near a picnic table, and there are many things to consider to ensure a living area that is both functional and attractive.

Outdoor kitchen design can be as simple, or as grand, as the homeowner desires. Many design plans for these functional outdoor living spaces recreate the modern conveniences of the indoors with outdoor plumbing, elegant counter tops, cabinets for storage, and refrigeration.

Basic Components of the Outdoor Kitchen

The size and number of your outdoor appliances and accessories will depend upon your budget, as well as the space available for your kitchen and the number of people it will typically be used for. An outdoor grill or barbecue is the most basic component of your design. There are a variety of styles and types of appliances designed for the outdoor.

What makes or breaks your outdoor kitchen will be your choice of materials for eating surfaces, and your pavers. It makes up the physical space of your outdoor kitchen — and your choice of pavers sets the style. Do you want to go rustic? or quaint?

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Choosing is the fun part! If you want help with layout, or need more ideas, browse through our gallery. You can even talk directly to PUP about a paver design for your outdoor kitchen. We are overflowing with ideas!