Outdoor Living Your Kids Will Love

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Now, more than ever, parents are trying to get their kids away from their computer or gaming system and into their outdoor living space. Creating a kid-friendly outdoor space will lure your children to spend more time outside. Creating a special “kids-only” patio, complete with child-sized chairs and tables is a great start toward getting your couch potatoes out of the house and into the garden. Once you have created that special “kids-only” play space, consider enhancing your children’s outdoor interaction by adding these features:

  • Outdoor carpeting not only protects your pavers from messy kid-spills and craft project mishaps; it cuts down on the dirt being tracked into your home. Little tykes will appreciate theme-inspired rugs to get their toy cars and trucks in action. Place an attractive wooden chest nearby to serve as toy storage and provide a kid-friendly snack area.
  • Choose solar lighting. While the cost-saving benefits are obvious, solar lighting works well for children for many reasons. Placed along your walkways and patios, solar lighting makes your outdoor living space safer for children in the evenings. Unlike standard electrical lighting, if a ball smacks a solar light, you do not have to wrangle with replacing the light and wiring. Just pop a new solar light in its place. No need to fuss with timers- solar lights come on automatically when evening arrives.
  • Plant a container garden along the edges of your patio. Children will delight in seeing their favorite flowers or vegetables grow, and you will be helping them develop a green thumb. Container gardens cut down on the kid mess that usually accompanies gardening – dirt stays in the containers and is not tracked onto your patio pavers.
  • What kid wouldn’t enjoy napping in their outdoor living space? Hanging a hammock gives them a comfy place to retire after playing hard all day, and if the kids are not taking advantage of the swinging bed, adults will be lining up to put it into use. Remember to install hammocks away from patios, trails and walkways.
  • Feed the birds! Set up some bird-feeders and allow your children to maintain them. Installing them over a paved patio makes cleanups a breeze.

When planning your new outdoor living space, don’t forget your children- creating kid-friendly outdoor spaces for your children will keep them physically active and interested in nature. Check out some before and after pictures from some of our satisfied clients.

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