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Patio Pavers to Create Outdoor Living Spaces

patio paversIn the past, a patio was just a patio. It was a concrete slab at the rear entrance of your home.

The terms outdoor living space or outdoor room weren’t even heard of. The only people that had these types of outdoor spaces were the rich and famous. Today, there is great demand from homeowners wanting to spend more time outdoors. These terms have become more a part of daily life. This demand has not only forced landscape contractors to be more creative with their designs, but has created an industry within itself.

All of your big box stores are catering to this industry with patio furniture, stainless steel grills, pre-built grill stations, portable fire pits and it is not unusual to see contractors who specialize or only design and install patios.

The Brick Patio Pavers Trend

Due to the increasing popularity of brick paving stone or “pavers,” homeowners are no longer satisfied with the standard, rectangle, concrete slab. Pavers allow patio designers to be much more creative in implementing your patio pavers ideas. They can use radial and circular designs, different patterns, borders and colors.

Questions for your Pavers Installer

If you’re looking for a nice patio, one that you can not only show off but also one you can use, there are several guidelines to follow. There are three questions that you should ask yourself. If you answer these questions honestly you will be able to create a patio design that is not only functional, but also beautiful.

1. What is my budget?

A good contractor will design to your budget.

2. How will I use my patio?

  • Do you plan on entertaining? Are you looking into an outdoor bar, outdoor grill, or fire pit?
  • How much seating will you need?
  • Do you have children or need to design for any other special needs?

Convey these uses to your design team so they can incorporate them into the patio design. Remember, bigger doesn’t mean more functional. Also, keep in mind: If you wants exceed your budget, using brick or concrete patio pavers will allow you to seamlessly add on later.

3. What do I want my patio to look like?

This is another important piece of the puzzle and one that you should also spend time with. A good patio designer will integrate your uses into a pleasing design, one that will accentuate certain features of your home while reflecting your home’s personality.

At least brick and concrete patio pavers give you a lot of design flexibility!

Do Your Homework

The more time you invest at the front end of your patio project, the easier and more enjoyable the installation will be. Spending a few hundred dollars and some time with your contractor on a formal design may end up saving you several thousand dollars and aggravation.


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