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Paver Shapes Define a Design

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Paver Shapes Define a Design

paver shapes

paver shapesBrick and concrete pavers give you a lot of design flexibility. Here’s a quick 101 on some of the effects that you can achieve with different layouts.

Paver Shapes For Different Effects: Radial and Square

Radial designs typically soften corners and create interesting visuals. They fit in particularly well with traditional-style homes or buildings, with gardens, and with outdoor dining areas.

Square and rectangle patio designs, whether parallel with the house or on a 45-degree angle, are used to accentuate dimensional features of a building. They can be used to create a striking extension to a modern home,

Defining Space With Paver Shapes

Using different paver shapes, colors, and/or styles in different areas will help define space on your patio. For example, a circle pattern may define a fire pit area. The outer sitting area may be a circle pattern going in another direction, with a different color, or with an entirely different geometry altogether.

Take Time Out To Design

Putting a little effort into the design will save you time and headache later, and there’s nothing like the anticipation of watching a design come together in front of your eyes.

There are no limits to the type of designs you can come up with a little help from PUP, considering the slew of paver shapes, colors, and styles. Pick some favorites through Paver Shapes and Paver Colors here, and when you’re ready to put it all together, Contact Us to help you envision your choices in a complete project.