Pavers: Don’t despair! Repair!

– Are your pavers settling?

– Are your pavers sinking?  

– Do you have huge gaps of space between your brick pavers?

Don’t despair, REPAIR!

At PUP Pavers, we have skilled crews that can take your ugly, sinking, and shifting Brick Paver driveways, patios, even pool decks, and bring them back to life!


That’s right!  We will:

1. Visit your property

2. Assess and bid on your repairs

3. Leave a written estimate with diagrams showing you the exact details of your repairs — and we will collect NO MONEY until the repair is completed!

Most common repairs consist of lifting the existing area and perimeter, replacing sand or dirt with crushed concrete and sometimes even a sakcrete mix, compacting the area with a heavy duty compactor, leveling the area and re-installing your pavers.  A new concrete edge is usually required as well.  You’ll be worry free for 5 years!
For a free estimate, call us at 561-922-9644 today!
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