decorative concrete

Using Decorative Concrete For Your Walkways

What is decorative concrete? Concrete has been used as a paving material during the past fifty years and has proved to be a practical and popular method for commercial and domestic pavements. In the past, concrete paving looked dull and boring from a design perspective because it was plain grey-colored concrete with limited decorative elements. […]

Pavers: Don’t despair! Repair!

– Are your pavers settling? – Are your pavers sinking?   – Do you have huge gaps of space between your brick pavers? Don’t despair, REPAIR! At PUP Pavers, we have skilled crews that can take your ugly, sinking, and shifting Brick Paver driveways, patios, even pool decks, and bring them back to life! AND WE […]

3 Steps To Avoiding Disaster When Installing Brick Pavers

The most common problem that homeowners experience with a new installation is a sinking and shifting effect of the pavers over time. Therefore, remodeling with Brick Pavers  can be a dreadful experience as there are many homeowners who complain about unprofessional paving installation companies – “The final check is written, the crew is gone, and […]