Outdoor Room Designs [photos]

Check out these beautiful outdoor room ideas that we’ve found from different styles of designers. So many choices, but it all starts with the proper pavers for foundation and aesthetics. —– 1. Sandy Koepke design for a rustic feel with hardy, stainless-steel appliances. Large pavers for less seams and a more traditional look. Muted grays […]

Ideas for Superior Outdoor Decorating

Ideas are the lifeblood of any inspired undertaking.┬áThe art of decorating your outdoor areas is one with many nuances. So, we thought we would provide some ideas and hints for sprucing up the vista in the outdoor areas surrounding your home. Interior decorating is a popular topic, while outdoor decorating flies under the proverbial radar. […]
disney backyard

Disney Backyard Magic

Oh, boy! There’s plenty you can do with a backyard. We know that better than anyone. But what happens when you let the kids dream big? That’s what one mom did — she let her Disney-loving kids have their wishes come to life in the backyard! We’re talking Disney characters including a Mickey-shaped pool, custom-made […]