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Ideas for Superior Outdoor Decorating

Ideas are the lifeblood of any inspired undertaking. The art of decorating your outdoor areas is one with many nuances. So, we thought we would provide some ideas and hints for sprucing up the vista in the outdoor areas surrounding your home. Interior decorating is a popular topic, while outdoor decorating flies under the proverbial radar.…
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10 Home Improvement Steps From HGTV

Here are ten home improvement tips from HGTV’s Mike Holmes who was at the International Homebuilders Show in Orlando. 10 Home Improvement Tips     Number Ten: Before you start the project, define the purpose of it. Number Nine: You need to calculate the costs. Number Eight: Before you hire a contractor do your due…
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Water Features Landscape Design: Serenity and Sophistication

Landscape design that includes ponds and water features is an elegant way to personalize your outdoor living area, while adding a touch of serenity. Pre-fabricated or custom ponds, fountains, cascading waterfalls, and other unique outdoor water accessories create a relaxing environment and the right design can blend your outdoor water features naturally with the sophisticated charm of…
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Florida Landscape Design

Many Floridians in the tropical “Sunshine State” elect to personally design and develop the landscape of their sunny Florida retreat, but often find that this endeavor is a bit more tedious and expensive than they originally thought. Instead, Florida residents typically save time and money by hiring a Florida landscape  professional to turn their ideas…
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Landscape Design: The Basics

Whether your landscape design project is very simple, with only a small variety of features within a limited space, or quite elaborate, spanning several acres with magnificent gardens, all successful landscaping projects have a few things in common. Landscaping blends the natural grounds surrounding a home with the architectural design to create beautiful, unified areas. The foundation of any good…
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