10 Ways To Shade Your Patio And Deck

While your patio and outdoor living areas may be pleasant and cool during the spring months, once summer hits, walking across sundrenched decks and hot pavers in bare feet will feel like you are fire-walking. Even if you have some overhead shade, late afternoon rays can make your patio uncomfortably hot during the heat of […]

Take Your Cooking Outside By Upgrading Your Deck And Patio

Creating an outdoor kitchen close to your house is a popular home improvement project for many reasons. When you locate an outdoor kitchen area close to your house, it provides natural protection for your culinary station. The walls of your home will shield appliances from sun and wind, and adding an attached pergola, arbor, or […]

How To Optimize A Small Outdoor Living Space

Comfortable outdoor living spaces don’t need to be big to be welcoming. Even the smallest area tucked into a corner can become a treasured retreat for reading a book or newspaper while sipping tea. When designed properly, any tiny outdoor entertaining area complete with a patio or deck can quickly become the most important outside […]

How To Upgrade Your Deck And Patio

Patio and deck upgrades make it easy to enjoy entertaining throughout the summer into fall. Before considering upgrading your deck or patio, make sure you have a solid foundation and good bones. If your patio pavers are uneven or dirty, or if your decking is grimy, it will need to be repaired before you begin […]

Best Outdoor Rooms For Entertaining

Many of us will, at some point, find ourselves planning and daydreaming of ways to enhance or refresh our outdoor living spaces. You do not need a spacious yard in order to have an inviting outdoor living area. Even if all you have is a narrow side yard or a postage-stamp sized back yard, with […]

Outdoor Living Your Kids Will Love

Now, more than ever, parents are trying to get their kids away from their computer or gaming system and into their outdoor living space. Creating a kid-friendly outdoor space will lure your children to spend more time outside. Creating a special “kids-only” patio, complete with child-sized chairs and tables is a great start toward getting […]