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Outdoor Room Designs [photos]

Check out these beautiful outdoor room ideas that we’ve found from different styles of designers. So many choices, but it all starts with the proper pavers for foundation and aesthetics. —– 1. Sandy Koepke design for a rustic feel with hardy, stainless-steel appliances. Large pavers for less seams and a more traditional look. Muted grays…
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outdoor spaces

Outdoor Family Spaces: Don’t Choose Between Adults and Kids

Depending on your use of space, a backyard can double as an extra dining room, a playground for the kids, a veggie patch, or an area for entertaining. For families, the choice becomes one between the adults and kids — and one or the other wins out, but rarely both! There are some techniques, however,…
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Ideas for Superior Outdoor Decorating

Ideas are the lifeblood of any inspired undertaking. The art of decorating your outdoor areas is one with many nuances. So, we thought we would provide some ideas and hints for sprucing up the vista in the outdoor areas surrounding your home. Interior decorating is a popular topic, while outdoor decorating flies under the proverbial radar.…
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paver shapes

Paver Shapes Define a Design

Brick and concrete pavers give you a lot of design flexibility. Here’s a quick 101 on some of the effects that you can achieve with different layouts. Paver Shapes For Different Effects: Radial and Square Radial designs typically soften corners and create interesting visuals. They fit in particularly well with traditional-style homes or buildings, with…
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patio pavers

Patio Pavers to Create Outdoor Living Spaces

In the past, a patio was just a patio. It was a concrete slab at the rear entrance of your home. The terms outdoor living space or outdoor room weren’t even heard of. The only people that had these types of outdoor spaces were the rich and famous. Today, there is great demand from homeowners wanting to…
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landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting Design: Light Up the Outdoors

Landscape lighting is becoming an increasingly important component of landscape design for upscale homes and outdoor living spaces. Landscape lighting can be integrated throughout your garden using techniques for a functional garden area that can be enjoyed throughout the evening. A well-planned landscape lighting design does much more for your home and garden than to provide…
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