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designer backyards

Designer Backyards [pics]

Backyards are our families’ personal sanctuaries. Generally, the furniture and the walkways or flooring are the biggest human-added parts of backyards. They require a creative touch, and if you’re aiming for something in the style of designer backyards, it requires some skill.¬†However, not everyone is a designer. But there are a few elements that are…
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Brick Pavers Maintenance 101

For a patio, brick pavers are an attractive alternative to concrete. Brick pavers come in a range of sizes, colors and shapes, allowing you to get creative in the design of your patio. Pavers are also sturdy and durable, but like any other pavers, they must be maintained. It’s really not that difficult, though, and…
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Clay Pavers are Durable and Inexpensive

Clay Pavers Top the List of Paving Options for Your Yard. The grass is green and the flowers are blooming, but your yard still lacks something. Hardscaping – paved areas designed for outdoor living, recreation or mobility – can make your whole yard more usable and enjoyable. Meandering garden paths, sidewalks, a circular driveway, a…
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natural stone pavers travertine

Natural Stone Pavers Pros and Cons

When choosing natural stone pavers, you’re making a decision that will impact you and your landscape for many years to come. So you want to choose carefully! Knowing the pros and cons of natural stone pavers can be the first step in your decision. Or, if you’ve already made your choice, understanding a few key…
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Give Your Space a Boost in the Beautiful Department with Marblescape

Is your house missing some aesthetic appeal, and you can’t quite put your finger on it? More than likely, it’s because your home blends in with most other homes in the neighborhood! One simple solution to standout from your next door neighbor is to install Marblescape. PUP Pavers now carries Marblescape! Marblescape is strong.¬† It…
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stone paver pattern

Stone Paver Patterns and Finishes

Stone pavers are so versatile — in design, application, and attractive finish — that they’re one of the most popular choices for a variety of interior and exterior designs. This includes residential and commercial applications. Stone Paver Finishes Stone paver finishes can include polished, thermal, honed, or flamed. Each one has characteristics that make them…
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