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Make Sure You Know Your Property Lines

Knowing where your property lines are before making improvements is important. Otherwise, it could get costly.  When neighborhoods and homes are built, the land is surveyed. If there is a mistake made by a surveyor or builder, property lines can be skewed. A mere 3-foot deviation on a property line could send you to court, so…
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decorative concrete

Using Decorative Concrete For Your Walkways

What is decorative concrete? Concrete has been used as a paving material during the past fifty years and has proved to be a practical and popular method for commercial and domestic pavements. In the past, concrete paving looked dull and boring from a design perspective because it was plain grey-colored concrete with limited decorative elements.…
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Benefits of Clay Brick Pavers

Are you having trouble deciding on types of pavers and installation? Have you consider clay brick pavers? Brick pavers, or clay brick pavers, have an ability to withstand an extremely high level of loading and are suited to many different types of landscaping applications such as pedestrian walkways and vehicle driveways within residential, commercial, and…
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Interlocking Stone Pavers Provide Curb Appeal

Interlocking stone pavers provide great curb appeal for in front of the house while adding charm and elegance around the house! These are areas that might otherwise be left dull and unattractive by rivals like concrete and asphalt.

Outdoor Paver Maintenance Tips

Okay. So you’ve spent the time and money to have pavers installed, so of course you want your pavers to stand the test of time. Having quality materials and proper installation is the first step. If you’ve chosen PUP Pavers, you’ve got that part of it covered. After that, it’s a matter of maintenance and,…
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An Introduction to Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are highly versatile, durable, and strong. Their rustic, warm look adds value to your property, and a wide range of colors makes them very versatile. Popular colors include varying shades of: earthy brown, rusty orange, bone, cream, yellow, and beige. Brick pavers come in many standard shapes which allow you to create many fantastic laying patterns.