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Natural Stone Pavers for Your Dream Garden

If you think that everything is fine with your garden, but not perfect, that could mean that something is missing. Could it be the charm of natural stone pavers? On the Path to Your Dream Garden Give your garden a touch of originality by using natural stone pavers. They have both decorative and practical purposes. To…
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Stone Pavers Frequently Asked Questions

Pavers are landscape elements laid on flat surfaces, most often made of stone or stone-derived materials. Pavers are installed over a sand and/or crushed limestone base. They are often laid out in interlocking patterns, sometimes randomly to create an artistic effect. They are known to have a functional values as well as an aesthetic appeal, so you can add them as a finishing touch to complete your overall landscape projects.

To Seal or Not to Seal?

This is a question many customers want to know. Well, what you are trying to achieve? Manufacturers suggest waiting at least 30 days to seal, to allow the dyes in the pavers to dry out.  Sealing with a solvent-based sealer prior to this will — not “might” — will lead to blushing.  Blushing is when…
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