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LOL – How Not to Use Pavers

Apparently, an Internet user’s landlord left out some pavers when they were getting their sidewalks and walkways redone. The tenant has been playfully rearranging them for the landlord to find.


Pinterest PUP!

Pinterest is a great little platform for you to get to know our visual side! We’ve been posting pics of everything from fantasy landscapes to designer backyards. It’s a great place to get design ideas for your pavers that are both creative and practical! Please visit the PUP Pavers page on Pinterest at¬† If you…
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designer backyards

Designer Backyards [pics]

Backyards are our families’ personal sanctuaries. Generally, the furniture and the walkways or flooring are the biggest human-added parts of backyards. They require a creative touch, and if you’re aiming for something in the style of designer backyards, it requires some skill.¬†However, not everyone is a designer. But there are a few elements that are…
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