Take Your Cooking Outside By Upgrading Your Deck And Patio

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Creating an outdoor kitchen close to your house is a popular home improvement project for many reasons. When you locate an outdoor kitchen area close to your house, it provides natural protection for your culinary station. The walls of your home will shield appliances from sun and wind, and adding an attached pergola, arbor, or other overhead structure, or extending your roof overhang to provide protection from the elements is easy.

While there is not any one ‘right’ location for your outdoor kitchen, your yard has a space that is just perfect for your specific kitchen. You might like the idea of a freestanding poolside kitchen pavilion, or a small barbecuing/grilling station just outside your back door might suit your style better.

When locating your outdoor kitchen, remember that you and your guests will be more comfortable if you place your kitchen away from a warm south or west-facing wall. Make sure that your outdoor kitchen is located at the end of your porch ceiling or overhang, and away from doors and windows, to ensure that smoke and cooking odors won’t be trapped, making the inside of your home smell like a smokehouse.

While spots further from your home can work very well, plan a fully outfitted space to reduce the amount of foot traffic needed getting to-and-from your outdoor living space. Design your space with storage in mind; you will want to keep essentials like utensils, dinnerware, and condiments close and convenient. Adding a sink will keep you from running back and forth to your house every time you need to rinse a plate.

Safe & Secure Patio
When planning your dream outdoor living space, do not forget what is under your feet; installing a deck or laying patio pavers should be your first project. You will need a sturdy, flat surface to place your appliances, grills and seating arrangements, and if your outdoor kitchen is located away from your house, you will need level pathways and walkways to get you to and from your house, to avoid tripping and spills. When planning your outdoor living space, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Situate grills and cooking appliance at least 10 feet from your home, to prevent fire hazards.
  • Light your outdoor kitchen appropriately, including surrounding areas, such as eating areas, steps and pathways.
  • Create a “kitchen triangle” to keep your grill, refrigerator and sink in a convenient proximity.

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