Tis The Season For Fire Pits!

Living in Florida during 90 degree “winter” days doesn’t exactly invite the idea of “Roasting marshmallows by a fire pit.” We agree. But what about those sudden drops in temperature during Florida winters?

We contend that Florida is one of the best places for outdoor fire pits in the winter. Florida winter nights usually see temperatures in the mid to low 50s. This sure beats sitting outside in temperatures that welcome a steady snow fall! Even if you’re sitting right next to the fire pit, you’ll still be uncomfortably cold.

Gathering around an open fire has brought families together since the beginning of time. And in our society where we tend to get lost in the glow of the television set, wouldn’t it be nice to reconnect around the glow of a warming fire? Coupled with just the right outdoor living environment, your fire pit can be the new gathering place to create unforgettable holiday memories.

Due to frequent wild fires, our Florida clients have voiced concerns while considering a patio fire pit. We always suggest the following safety tips before investing in your outdoor fire pit.

Tip 1: If you live in a community operating under an HOA, check with them first before having a fire pit installed. If permitted, they may have restrictions that specify the distance away from your house the fire pit must be.

Tip 2: Location matters. You should pick a location for your fire pit that is an open area, about 20+ feet away from your house, and is not under low-lying trees. The ground should be level and free of leaves. Preferably, a small brick patio would be built underneath the fire pit for optimal safety.

Tip 3: Check the wind. By placing a small flag close to the location you picked out, you can gauge which way the wind will usually blow. Although the camp fire scent works well outdoors, you (or your neighbors) might not want it throughout your house.

We hope you will consider adding a fire pit to your patio this winter. Give us a call if you would like to take your outdoor living space to a new level this holiday season.

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