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Using Decorative Concrete For Your Walkways

decorative concreteWhat is decorative concrete?

Concrete has been used as a paving material during the past fifty years and has proved to be a practical and popular method for commercial and domestic pavements. In the past, concrete paving looked dull and boring from a design perspective because it was plain grey-colored concrete with limited decorative elements. Treatments were merely applied to the surface. Since the early 1990s, there have been technical and design advances in decorative concrete.

Decorative Concrete Engraving

Decorative concrete engraving involves staining the concrete surface with a color and engraving or routing a pattern.  Because the engraved pattern is routed out of the surface, which has been colored, it takes on the look of grout, due to its different coloring. Hence, the concrete can take on the look of various types of paver materials, such as brick pavers, concrete pavers, cobblestone pavers, and granite pavers, just to name a few.

The Process of Engraving Decorative Concrete

The concrete surface is thoroughly cleaned. Then an acid etching solution bonds the color stain to the concrete surface.

Any cracks in the concrete surface will be filled and repaired. However, leaving some natural cracks in the concrete will help create the look of aged brick or stone pavers.

The concrete is then stained with your chosen color and engraved with your chosen pattern. There is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, so there is bound to be something to suit any individual taste.

Once the engraving is completed, the surface area is cleaned thoroughly. A sealer will help protect the surface from stains and weathering.

Decorative concrete engraving can also be applied to old concrete surfaces; this is great for revamping those plain, grey concrete driveways. By engraving, you can create the look of pavers with any new or existing concrete surface!

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