Water Features Landscape Design: Serenity and Sophistication

water featureLandscape design that includes ponds and water features is an elegant way to personalize your outdoor living area, while adding a touch of serenity. Pre-fabricated or custom ponds, fountains, cascading waterfalls, and other unique outdoor water accessories create a relaxing environment and the right design can blend your outdoor water features naturally with the sophisticated charm of your home. Landscape design for ponds and water gardens can be incorporated into various garden themes. Careful planning is the first step of creating your outdoor pond or fountain.

Water Features in your Garden

Garden ponds have many different uses, although they are all designed to be an attractive addition to your outdoor living space. You may decide a fish pond is best for your landscape and will need to select the types of fish and other accessories. Koi ponds are quite popular, but can require more maintenance.

Some garden ponds simply add tranquility to your outdoor environment. Waterfalls offer beauty, as well as the relaxing sound of running water. Water fountains are an elegant way to incorporate the peacefulness of water into your landscape design. Streams, plants, and other water features can also be integrated into your water garden for a more custom landscape design that complements your home.

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