About PUP Pavers

PUP Pavers was founded by Tina Gable in 2006 and has grown year after year to become the premium brick and natural stone paver contracting company in South Florida. Tina’s commitment to excellence has allowed PUP Pavers to attract some of the most talented paver contractor specialists in the industry. Our installation and service crews are experts in not only paver services but more importantly understanding the expectations of our customers and providing a superior customer experience.  Learn more about us below.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a diverse selection of professional services to meet all of our customers needs. If your project requires the removal of an existing driveway, patio or lawn we have the equipment and experience to get the job done as accurately and efficiently as possible. If your project requires the installation of brick or natural stone pavers we have highly skilled paver professionals who will guarantee that your project is completed on time and on budget. After the installation of your new project is complete we don’t stop there we have a maintenance division ready to help you protect your paver investment for many years to come with pressure wash, sealing and repair services.

Our goal is to create and nurture a mutually beneficial lifetime relationship with our customers. We view our business as much more than simply a company to make a living from. We understand that our business allows us the opportunity serve our customers, community and employees. At its core our business is about engaging people and making a difference in their lives. Whether it’s a courtesy call to alleviate frustration when we are running late or a commitment to our employees to provide a vehicle for them to improve the quality of life for their family, we view PUP Pavers as an opportunity to make the world a better place each and every day.

We welcome the opportunity share with your our enthusiasm for our business and our community. If you’d like to learn more about us please call us at 561-432-2760 or email us here.

Meet The PUP Team

Tina Gable

SALES/OWNER   (561) 432-2760

Tina Gable is the President and founder of PUP Pavers. She started this company 12 years ago at the insistence of a close friend (who called her “pup”!) and rapidly grew into a multi-million dollar corporation with over 20 employees, an enriching and positive work culture, and a large satisfied client base.

You will have the opportunity to meet with Tina to discuss your project, learn all about our process, and see the standard of service we provide. Her 25+ years of experience in the concrete industry is evident in her level of expertise. You can expect a peace of mind working with Tina as she is thorough in every detail and extremely knowledgeable in just about anything to do with pavers!

Tina shares this same passion in her love for her family, especially her two grandchildren. She loves to meditate, lounge by the pool, and spend time with her husband, Scott, out on the boat.

Katrina Hurt

OFFICE MANAGER  (561) 432-2760

Katrina Hurt is the Director of Operations for PUP Pavers. She is the bubbly “First Lady” to Tina and has played this role since day one! Katrina works with you to schedule a consultation, handle your billing, and make sure you have all of the information you need for a satisfactory experience with our company. You can expect to hear her cheerful voice every time you call!

Katrina is an integral part of our team and keeps our wheels turning by handling all APIAR, HR, payroll, and administrative operations. Her ability to independently manage this division of the company allows for the rest of our team to focus on the other aspects of your job. Katrina is used to managing people, though – she has 7 grandchildren! She gets all of her joy from being with family, tending to her fruitful garden, and working out daily.

Scott Gable


Scott Gable is the VP and production manager of PUP Pavers. When it became evident someone was needed to oversee jobs in the field, he was the clear choice. Scott works with the crews to ensure efficient productivity and quality workmanship. You will likely expect to see him on your project at some point to consult with the crew and answer any questions you may have.

Scott has extensive experience in construction, landscaping, and property management, which all lend to his well-rounded expertise in the field. His sense of ingenuity is invaluable when every project is different. No matter the situation, you always can count on him to produce a solution in a calm, cool, and collected manner.

Scott maintains this laid-back vibe at home by spending time fishing on the boat, enjoying the pool, and grilling Grade A steaks for his Saturday night tradition.

Beth Gardner


Beth Gardner is a Sales Representative for PUP Pavers. Born and raised in New York, Beth got an early start selling vacuums at the ripe age of 15! She has since spent her life perfecting her skills and lending her expertise to various businesses along the way. Beth has gained extensive knowledge in the construction field with over 17 years of hands-on experience, so you can trust she not only understands just about any project, but will help guide you with those tough decisions.

Beth loves to spend time outdoors with her husband, especially when teaching her grandchildren how to fish!

Billy SanGiovanni

SERVICE MANAGER  (561) 432-2760

Billy SanGiovanni is the Service Manager for PUP Pavers. He handles most of our service calls, warranty claims, and maintenance work. Billy is the perfect fit for this position as his attention to detail and meticulous level of work ensures a job well done. He is trained to diagnose and handle almost any situation that can occur with paver systems, and is great at communicating every step of the way.

Billy has lived in Florida for just about his entire life and has a beautiful wife and two daughters. He enjoys playing soccer and strumming the guitar in his spare time.

Jules Romano


Jules Romano is the Production Assistant for PUP Pavers. She is the one to make it all happen! Jules handles ordering your pavers and scheduling the right crew for your project. Because of her, everyone on our team is equipped with quick access to your job file to easily reference detailed plans or special notes from your consultation.

With over 20 years of professional experience in a variety of service industries and leading financial institutions, you can count on Jules to make sure every detail is precise. She uses this same level of attention with her main interests at home, too – she enjoys scrapbooking, crafts, and watching Game of Thrones!