Sanctuary Creation In Your Backyard Space

When you are ready to renovate and transform your backyard into a beautiful, customized living space for you, family, and friends, the first step is to find great pavers. A newly paved patio can make a significant difference in the entire feel of your yard, but that is only the beginning. There are many innovative […]

Planter Boxes Can Add an Edge to Your Backyard Landscape

Looking for a way to add a burst of color to your outdoor decor? Don’t have the room for a larger garden? A planter box may be a great way to add color and style to your outside entertainment area. Planter Box Material Choices Cedar Cedar is an ideal material for use in the construction […]
disney backyard

Disney Backyard Magic

Oh, boy! There’s plenty you can do with a backyard. We know that better than anyone. But what happens when you let the kids dream big? That’s what one mom did — she let her Disney-loving kids have their wishes come to life in the backyard! We’re talking Disney characters including a Mickey-shaped pool, custom-made […]
paver shapes

Paver Shapes Define a Design

Brick and concrete pavers give you a lot of design flexibility. Here’s a quick 101 on some of the effects that you can achieve with different layouts. Paver Shapes For Different Effects: Radial and Square Radial designs typically soften corners and create interesting visuals. They fit in particularly well with traditional-style homes or buildings, with […]

10 Home Improvement Steps From HGTV

Here are ten home improvement tips from HGTV’s Mike Holmes who was at the International Homebuilders Show in Orlando. 10 Home Improvement Tips     Number Ten: Before you start the project, define the purpose of it. Number Nine: You need to calculate the costs. Number Eight: Before you hire a contractor do your due […]