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Bricks Get a Makeover | New Uses for Old Things

Upcycling is giving new meaning to old objects. Now old bricks and pavers can be repurposed and made into planters, candles, name plates, and sandwich presses! 1. Stack red bricks vertically to make a beautiful planter with succulents. Live in an urban city? No problem! Bricks are optimal for small places. 2. Get creative with…
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Outdoor Room Designs [photos]

Check out these beautiful outdoor room ideas that we’ve found from different styles of designers. So many choices, but it all starts with the proper pavers for foundation and aesthetics. —– 1. Sandy Koepke design for a rustic feel with hardy, stainless-steel appliances. Large pavers for less seams and a more traditional look. Muted grays…
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Pinterest PUP!

Pinterest is a great little platform for you to get to know our visual side! We’ve been posting pics of everything from fantasy landscapes to designer backyards. It’s a great place to get design ideas for your pavers that are both creative and practical! Please visit the PUP Pavers page on Pinterest at If you…
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green driveway

Green Driveway: Environmentally Sensible and So Beautiful!

There’s no reason why the look of that beautiful lawn of yours can’t be extended toward your driveway. Have you considered a green driveway? We can help with installing your green driveway on your residential property! You can transform your traditionally paved driveways and walking paths into natural, relaxing, and inviting areas. Green driveways use honeycomb-style molded…
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Installations Info Page Is Clearer Now

We have updated the Installations information page at We hope this helps to give you a clearer idea of what a paver installation entails. From preparations to paving to cleaning up, it’s all laid out for you — so to speak — so that the process is as simple and comfortable for you. Please feel free…
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PUP Pavers

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PUP Pavers is a family-owned, family-operated specialist in marble and brick paving. We design and install statement-making outdoor surfaces that are a lasting investment in quality and timeless beauty. Led by founder Tina Davis and with over 20 years of experience renovating and remodeling, PUP Pavers showcases the beauty of natural stone to create structurally sound outdoor…
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