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patio pavers

Patio Pavers to Create Outdoor Living Spaces

In the past, a patio was just a patio. It was a concrete slab at the rear entrance of your home. The terms outdoor living space or outdoor room weren’t even heard of. The only people that had these types of outdoor spaces were the rich and famous. Today, there is great demand from homeowners wanting to…
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Pavers: Don’t Despair, Repair!

– Are your pavers settling?

– Are your pavers sinking?  

– Do you have huge gaps of space between your brick pavers?

Building A Deck?

Wouldn’t it be great if after a long day working like a dog, you could just go outside and relax on your deck and sip a cold beverage? Or, how about spending the whole day on a Saturday or Sunday with the barbecue going, simply enjoying a nice warm summer day without all the worries?…
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Backyard Landscape Redesign in Oregon

Here’s a little story coming out of Eugene, Oregon. It’s a great example of how the right motivation, and the right pavers, can transform a backyard into an important space for those who use it. Thanks to a group of University of Oregon architecture students, the backyard landscape of an Oregon nonprofit has a whole…
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outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Design: Beauty and Function

Outdoor kitchen design as part of landscape design is an increasingly popular trend in garden planning. Modern outdoor design takes the elegant style of your interior living space and continues it into the yard, creating the same functional living space on the outside. Because the kitchen is an integral part of entertaining at home, many people prefer…
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backyard gnome

Backyard: A Way of Life

PUP Pavers understands that your backyard is a way of life. Whether you have acres of open land or a small apartment balcony, your backyard is your own little piece of paradise.  Make the most of this outdoor space by turning it into a relaxing oasis where you can unwind in the sun. With a…
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