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Pavers: Don’t Despair, Repair!

– Are your pavers settling?

РAre your pavers sinking?  

– Do you have huge gaps of space between your brick pavers?

Building A Deck?

Wouldn’t it be great if after a long day working like a dog, you could just go outside and relax on your deck and sip a cold beverage? Or, how about spending the whole day on a Saturday or Sunday with the barbecue going, simply enjoying a nice warm summer day without all the worries?…
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Benefits of Interlocking Pavers Include Durability and Affordability

Benefits of Interlocking Brick Pavers Include Durability and Affordability

When it comes to remodeling either inside or outside your home, the options and choices quickly become overwhelming. However, as the time for you to build a new patio, driveway, or deck approaches, the best answer is durability and affordability.

Driveway Pavers: Mortared? Mortar-less?

As more and more homeowners grow tired of looking at their ugly, stained, or cracked driveways — whether they are made of concrete, dirt, or asphalt — they are turning to beautiful, durable, and maintenance-free driveway pavers. A well-chosen and properly installed driveway can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, create opportunities for…
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designer backyards

Designer Backyards [pics]

Backyards are our families’ personal sanctuaries. Generally, the furniture and the walkways or flooring are the biggest human-added parts of backyards. They require a creative touch, and if you’re aiming for something in the style of designer backyards, it requires some skill.¬†However, not everyone is a designer. But there are a few elements that are…
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Brick Pavers Maintenance 101

For a patio, brick pavers are an attractive alternative to concrete. Brick pavers come in a range of sizes, colors and shapes, allowing you to get creative in the design of your patio. Pavers are also sturdy and durable, but like any other pavers, they must be maintained. It’s really not that difficult, though, and…
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