Testimonials paving contractor

“… of course we thought of PUP Pavers first. They are very easy to work with. They did an excellent job cleaning up when they left. It was as if a magic wand had appeared and all the work was done and they didn’t leave anything behind!
If we had a question, we got an answer right away or if we had a small change, they took care of it right away. We are going to use them again.”

” She came in and was so well prepared. It was unbelievable. I could tell right away they knew what they were doing. They did a terrific job. I recognize when someone is a professional and When someone is a hack. Tina is a professional. She knows her men are well-trained and very polite. They did a terrific job! I would recommend her to anyone.”

“… PUP Pavers were great from the very beginning.
I absolutely would recommend PUP Pavers. Tina is great to work with and all of her workers are trustworthy and hard-working and go beyond what you would normally expect”.

“Professional, first hand service. Personal contact. The people that came out were completely professional in what they did…
… The most Important thing is communication. Every time I picked up the phone to call Tina, she answered.”